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In the moment…

It’s funny because we think of things starting out that they’ll go the way it generally tends to go, and it doesn’t.

What can I say? I wanna say something. I wanna blog something meaningful yet just to say…. A blog to be. Funny how things can change so little in a year, but so much in a season. Sometimes things have to change in your mind and heart first, more than in your life, so they can change in your life.

I’d just love to sit here and hash out my deep thoughts in a blog, but I fear I’d start to rant and that ranting would ruin the rest of the great post. Done that before 😂

This place just seems so surreal to me… Fleeting. Not really like life or anything we’re used to, a dream state, I didn’t say a good or bad dream, but a dream. I look at the people in their faces as if they say just doting along, just not used to it. It’s almost unnerving…

The title of a post, a topic, the body content, the image, an idea or content of the expression in the post. WYSIWYG anyone remember that term from the earliest days of internet publishing? What you see is what you get. Oh how it takes me back! Lol and cool, still popular social terms too.. oi vey what’s that!!

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